2 Good Articles on the Egyptian Uprising

Jubayr pointed out these two articles as good reference for the Egyptian uprising.

This article does a great break down of the complex social and political forces underneath the fall of Mubarak and the uprising. It rightly points out that official society commentators want to reduce the uprising to a series of binaries, underneath which is the tome of “good guys versus bad guys.” It goes through the various governmental and military sectors and their (usually antagonistic) relationships with each other, capital, the working class movement, an emerging Left, and so on. It also dispels the myth that somehow Twitter and Facebook alone are responsible for the mass movement, and instead goes through the history of the last ten of so years with different political and labor movements.

This article is a wonderful exposition of “from below” politics. It stresses that the most important thing about the uprising is the experiences and transformation of millions of regular, everyday people- their increased confidence and sense of power, their increased capacity to govern themselves given their experience of setting up popular militias, garbage services, and so on. It really re-energized me and gave me some more hope for the long haul.

I’m going to look for some good stuff on gender and Egyptian politics…