The Dark Side

I cant get this shit out of my mind. Its aesthetic, visually and musically, appeals to my dark side.


[Verse 1]
I’m a fucking walking paradox, no I’m not
Threesomes with a fucking triceratops, Reptar

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Mama, Mama, Mama


I know I am late to the game with this one, its been all over the interwebs for a couple of months, but I woke up with it in my head this morning and I cant get it out.

My two cents is that its not a glorification of violence against rapists. You see the pain on Rihanna’s face when she shoots him. Its clearly the pain of the sexual assault, but also that its come to this. Her community felt so safe in the daytime, but after the assault, she is alone and isolated. Who could she turn to? She says, “I took his heart…he could have been someone’s son.” The full enormity of what she’s done, what it means for her own humanity, is very clear to her.

At the same time, its got to be looked at in the context of real life…Rihanna was very publicly beaten up by her ex, Chris Brown, and they have had a very public rekindling of contact. I dont think its my business to speculate on whats going on with them, but a lot of people do, and with this song I think Rihanna the actual artist, not just the character in the song, can reclaim some of her own personal strength and remind everyone that she’s not a tool.

Lastly, in terms of musicality, I have liked some other Rihanna songs but until this one her voice has always kind of bothered me. In this song, she lets her accent shine through and her singing voice sounds so much richer and so much more beautiful.  (Maybe its not really her accent or its an exaggeration, I dont know, but its sounds natural.) Given that this song is sung so soulfully, I think it could become a classic and not be banished to the dusty halls of top 40 hits.

Nicki Minaj: Crazy sexy, but not sex kitten, style

The first time I ever heard of Nicki Minaj, my partner’s sister, L,  showed us a home video of a woman, dressed all butch, clearly high or drunk, talking about a woman she had been with who had dumped her. People think that it was Nicki Minaj.

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True Blood: race, class and gender and so much more


I freaking love the HBO show True Blood. I love science fiction and I love fantasy, mostly when it does what Ursula K Le Guin wrote about in an introduction to her novel, The Left Hand of Darkness. I dont have it accessible right now, but I remember her writing that good science fiction is not meant to be an escape. Rather, it is meant to expose the contradictions and the beauty of our own society, by taking it out of context and giving us some perspective. I think true blood does that very well.

There are questions of addiction, trust and equality in relationships, parenthood, and so on. Its just complicated by the fact that Jason’s girlfriend Amy is addicted to vampire blood, that Sookie’s boyfriend Bill is a vampire and feels that he should protect her, both physically and also by lying about his past, and that Bill is forced to make a new vampire, Jessica, to whom he has to play father with no previous experience.

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