Slutwalk Houston is today!!!

Of course, I am aware of the debates associated with it. An interesting aspect of the Houston Slutwalk is that they want to take time to talk about the problems associated with this new phenomenon. Hopefully that will be well facilitated.

Many of the critiques could be valid. Its hard to know without having been to any of them, because its based on people claiming certain things about race composition. Then a lot of it is focused on the rhetoric. I am not setting aside those critiques, but I also know, its damn easy to be a hater. Its much harder to build something. And I am freaking excited about the Slutwalks because it represents the first broad feminist phenomenon to take place in my life. Something new could arise out of it, something that people could work to make better, to address the problems people have with it.

Anyways, in honor of this day, here are a couple articles I found that focus on issues of sexuality in the new season of True Blood.

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Nicki Minaj: Crazy sexy, but not sex kitten, style

The first time I ever heard of Nicki Minaj, my partner’s sister, L, ¬†showed us a home video of a woman, dressed all butch, clearly high or drunk, talking about a woman she had been with who had dumped her. People think that it was Nicki Minaj.

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True Blood: race, class and gender and so much more


I freaking love the HBO show True Blood. I love science fiction and I love fantasy, mostly when it does what Ursula K Le Guin wrote about in an introduction to her novel, The Left Hand of Darkness. I dont have it accessible right now, but I remember her writing that good science fiction is not meant to be an escape. Rather, it is meant to expose the contradictions and the beauty of our own society, by taking it out of context and giving us some perspective. I think true blood does that very well.

There are questions of addiction, trust and equality in relationships, parenthood, and so on. Its just complicated by the fact that Jason’s girlfriend Amy is addicted to vampire blood, that Sookie’s boyfriend Bill is a vampire and feels that he should protect her, both physically and also by lying about his past, and that Bill is forced to make a new vampire, Jessica, to whom he has to play father with no previous experience.

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