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Makhdoom Mondays: Bondage


And no end to the sentence.

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Makhdoom Mondays: Telangan

So, I’m going to try to post a Makhdoom translation every Monday. Maybe committing publicly will hold me to it!

pHirne waalee kHet kee menDoN peh bal kHaatee hoo’ee  
nazam o sheereeN qehqehoN ke pHool barsaatee hoo’ee 
kanganoN se kHelte auroN se sharmaatee hoo’ee 
 ajnabee ko dekH kar khaamoosh mat ho, gaa’e jaa 
 haN tilangan gaa’e jaa, baankee tilangan gaa’e jaa 

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Makhdoom Mohiuddin’s Sipahi

I wrote my thesis about Makhdoom Mohiuddin, an Urdu poet and member of the Communist Party of India, and started to translate his poetry. Most of his collected works have not been translated, and I’m hoping over the next couple of years to do that and maybe publish it.

For now, here’s a video from a serialized drama about Makhdoom. My transliteration and translation is below.

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